Be Mentor And Share Your Knowledge

#3 – What kind of student do you want to be?

From what I have experienced, I witnessed that the majority of students wanted to be the best student in their class. It means they desired to achieve their grade as high as possible so that they could show off their achievement to their friends and parents. Additionally, because of the competitive environment, they tended to compare their grade to other students to identify who they were. However, I have also discovered that the vast majority of them suffered from many problems about health and psychology. For example, when they were recognized ‘the best student’ or ‘the number student’ in the classroom by other students, they thought that they had to learn really hard to retain their achievement. It means sometimes they had to learn overnight – or night after night, especially they were often cramming as much as possible before the exam, resulting in many situations such as skipping the meals, sleepless, insomnia, and so on that had some negative impacts on their health. Moreover, in case they had the grade that was worse than what they had achieved before, they thought that other students would laugh at them and disregard them. Therefore, they were stressful about what other people debated about their grade, resulting in their lives and behaviors.

Aside from students who wanted to be the best, I also witnessed that the vast majority of students who did not have a good grade in school did not want to spend their time on studying. It means they spent most of their time on watching TV, playing video games, hanging out and part-time jobs. In their view, they had no interest in school and the reason why they attended their class due to the pressure from their parents. I remembered that when I asked someone why he/she went to school every day, while he/she seemed not to be interested in doing that. Then, I received an amazing response that when you depended almost on your parent’s money for tuition fee or things which you wanted to buy, you had to be someone who they desired you to be.

Just as there are two kinds of students that I have mentioned above, I also saw there were a few good and kind students in school. Although they were students who achieved a perfect grade, they seemed to be kind. It means they tended to help other students by sharing their knowledge as much as possible. As a result, they have always received the currency of kindness from other ones that made them feel happy and excited about their school life. When I asked someone why he/she was always kind to other students although he/she was the student who achieved the high grade in school, he/she gave me an incredible response that he/she wanted other people to treat him/her like the way he/she treated them. It means if you are kind to other people, they are likely to show their kindness to you whenever you have a good grade or the bad one, resulting in your happiness and out of under the competitive environment at school.

“Be a mentor and share your knowledge. In our highly competitive world, we tend to keep our cards close to our chests. We don’t want to share what we have spent our hard years learning and “give it away for free.” But in the long run, helping someone by offering wisdom and insights (solicited, of course) will instigate the upward reciprocity that makes business thrive. It also eliminates the rivalry between colleagues that can make an environment toxic.” – Jill Lublin –

There are three kinds of students that I have seen since I was in Australia. What kind of student do you want to be? It is up to you!


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