Book Review: Why Now Is The Time To CRUSH IT! Cash In On Your Passion – Gary Vaynerchuk

My feelings

‘Crush it’ written by Gary Vaynerchuk is one of the most thoroughly exciting books today. I really enjoyed reading this book because it is informative about social media. The book makes me change my mindset and helps me identify exactly what I passionate about. Further, I cannot believe that the book was from 2009 era when the social media did not seem to go viral because the content of it covers over the social platform (Facebook, Twitter, WordPress, etc.) which is used popularly nowadays. It is worth to read because there are many real-world lessons which help me gain knowledge from practices. It is impossible to put down this book, it is very excellent! I rate it 5/5 stars

Who is Gary Vaynerchuk?

Gary Vaynerchuk is the owner of Wine Library, host of his daily show Wine Library TV. He is well known as the expert on social media and entrepreneurship, wine connoisseur, and CEO based in the USA. Just as he has a huge number of followers from social media platforms (Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, etc.), he also shares all of his experiences about business and social media to the community.

(My sharing: Not only he inspires me to create a blog and twitter but he motivates me by many of videos posted on YouTube)

The content


As you can see in the title, it can say that “Passion” is the main topic of the book. In chapter 1 and 2, the author motivates you to live your passion and helps you identify who you are. These two elements will be able to help you a lot in your career. It means if you know who you are, deeply believe what you are doing, and then, focus on your passion, you will be step-by-step close to your success. Just as you have to focus on your passion and identify your DNA, you also have to “love your family” and “work superhard”.

  • Your Personal Brand

After identifying your passion, you have to build your personal brand. It is all of the meaning of chapter 3. The chapter has three main topics – where your opportunity is, why you have to trust yourself, and the power of word-of-mouth. All of them are used for building your own brand. Further, Gary also shows the reason why you have to build your personal brand in the era of the technology and the Internet.

  • Plan your career

As you know, the world always changes and we have to be nimble to adapt to the change. That is why you have to plan your career. Otherwise, you are in big trouble. Starting to plan your career and following your passion are extremely important to get your opportunity in the business, where the game is always changing.

  • Your content and platforms

To expand your personal brand and to make money from it into a business using social marketing networks, the first important thing is that you have to create great content. It helps your audiences understand who you are. Just as the content is the important element, choosing suitable platforms also is the one which helps you spread your words. As a result, chapter 5 and 6 in the book will show you the way how your words are built, the function of each popular platform today (Facebook, Twitter, YouTube,etc.), and how to differentiate yourself.


Being honest with yourself is one of the most important elements that impact on your business. It also makes people come to your site and spread the word about your personal brand. Therefore, chapter 7 will show you the reason why you have to be truthful and patient to what you are doing, and what ‘hustle’ means.

  • Your community

The reaction of your community identifies how your content is. No matter how the statistics of the number of viewers is, your community will be sustainable if your content is making people start to make some noise. To do that, you have to deeply understand the word-of-mouth power.

  • Start making money

Once you make the world listen, it is the time when you are able to think of beginning to make money. Just as advertising is the popular way in this digital era, speaking engagements, affiliate programs, seminars, and other ways to present your words also are mentioned in the book. As a result, social networks, which are becoming popularly, can help you earn money by your content.

  • Build your LEGACY

It can say that legacy is the most important thing that makes you different from other people. It also helps you keep your community talking about your content and following your site after the change of the environment (the game).


There are all lessons which I have learned from the book. Whether you are a big fan of business books or you want to have a deep knowledge about social networks, I strongly recommend ‘Crush it’.

How to buy this book: Amazon

Author’s site: Gary Vaynerchuk

Author’s YouTube: GaryVee

9 thoughts on “Book Review: Why Now Is The Time To CRUSH IT! Cash In On Your Passion – Gary Vaynerchuk

  1. Milli says:

    Thanks so much for sharing this Peter!! I have the Thank You Economy by Gary Vee on my 52 books list but am veeery tempted to swap out another book in my list for this one now, it sounds amazing and I’d expect no less from Gary!

    Really glad to hear you enjoyed it and it’s definitely one I will check out myself! 🙂


    Liked by 1 person

    • peterdu98 says:

      Thanks a lot for reading, Milli! That’s amazing to hear that you have the Thank You Economy – Gary V on your books list. I think other books written by Gary have a great content as well.😁 Anyway, did you pre-order ‘Crushing it’ – Gary Vaynerchuk? The book will be published next week.


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