Book Review: The Profit of Kindness – Jill Lublin

After the last post about book review (Crush it! – GaryVee), I decide to publish this post for reviewing one of the must-read books today – ‘The Profit of Kindness’ written by Jill Lublin.

My feelings

I’ve learned a lot of things about business and life since I finished this book. This book changes my thought about today’s business.

  • Kindness is the top currency to succeed in business, but not money.
  • Kindness is the key to running today’s busy corporation.
  • Kindness is one of the most important things that help both large companies and small companies survive in today’s business competitive world.

Besides that, the book also helps me improve my personality. “It does not matter who you are, but it matters how great you treat each other” – One of the great things I’ve learned from the book.

In my opinion, the book is worth to read because it helps you create a real-world business image that may change your mindset about today’s business. Aside from that, the book is possible to change your life and personality. I guarantee that you won’t be able to put down this book when you dig into it. I rate it 5/5 stars.

Who is Jill Lublin?

Jill Lublin is the international speaker on the topics of radical influence, publicity, networking, kindness and referrals. She’s the author of three best-selling books: “Get Noticed…Get Referrals”, “Guerilla Publicity” and “Networking Magic”. She’s a master strategist on how to position your business for more profitability and more visibility in the marketplace. She’s is CEO of a strategic consulting firm.


  • The Case for Kindness

The author demonstrates the importance of kindness in both business and daily life by showing the example of DirectPay company and other founders from other reputable companies. Besides that, by explaining how kindness generates prospects, connectivity and customers, the author helps me know the reasons for being kind in today’s world.


“Kindness is the ultimate strength” – GaryVee tweeted on his Twitter.

  • Connection

Being connective is one of the important attributes of kindness. It helps us connect with other people who come from different cultures in the workplace. Being connective leaders is also the great thing that boosts employees’ productivity, resulting in the growth of business revenue. Connecting with each other is also the way that helps us find jobs as quickly as possible. Further, by showing the power of partnerships, the author has changed the competition mindset in business – our competitors are also our partners.

“Competitive thought is the source of every problem in relationships.”

Not only does connection occurs inside the workplace, but there is also the connection with customers and clients. As Jack Ma, the co-founder and executive chairman of Alibaba Group, says that business models will be C2B (customers totally dictate to businesses what their need are, but not B2B (business to business) or B2C (business to customers).

“We all want to make money, but we need to be good people first. When you establish a vibe of emotional connection it drives people to your business.”

“Working in partnership with each other is so much more important than the competitive model.”

  • Gratitude

Gratitude also contributes to the power of kindness. There is no doubt that it happens every time in the workplace and daily life.Just as it helps companies motivate their staff to improve productivity, the distance of our relationship (family and friends) is also shortened by being grateful. Furthermore, it helps us raise our “bottom line” – “We all want to feel as if we matter to others.

“It is not happiness that makes us grateful, it is gratefulness that makes us happy.” – David Steindl-Rast said in TED Talk.

“If you’re grateful, you are not fearful, and you act out of a sense of enough, out of surplus and not scarcity, and you are willing to share.” – David Steindl-Rast said in TED Talk.

“A simple “thank you” leads customers to spend more, employees to get more done, and vendors to pay and deliver on time.” – Gary Vaynerchuk says.

  • Patience

One of the attributes of kindness is patience. Practicing patience is the great thing that helps us develop our capacity to do good work. Additionally, when we are conscious of what we speak out in the workplace or public places, we seem to respect our colleagues and other people. This book helps me understand what GaryVee writes in his book ‘Crush It!’ – “Patience is the secret sauce”.

“Unskillful speech destroys motivation and does not produce better results. People want to feel appreciated. Correcting error with patience and encouragement has consistently been shown to be the most effective approach.” – Allan Lokos

“You can be patient, but still ask to speak to the people at the top and speak the truth.”

  • Compassion

Compassion is the great way to connect with each other. It makes both sides (giver and receiver) feel happy. It’s like someone supports you when you’re in trouble or pain. In regard to the workplace, compassion helps employees reduce stress in their work. Moreover, a good leader is a person who is good at empathetic listening.

Our best friends are the people who prefer to listen to us empathetically (to understand) rather than talk about themselves.

“Compassion is driven by the understanding of how to truly connect with people on their levels, to meet them where they are, and to remind them through our supportive actions that they are not alone”

“The leader is working very hard to see another person through a different and much deeper lens, regardless of whether he or she has worn those shoes.” – Matt Tenney

  • Positivity

There is no doubt that nothing will happen if you usually think negatively. The positivity in thought is also the key to success in business. Further, a good leader is a person who has a positive mindset in order to inspire his/her coworkers to do things in a positive way. As a result, it is important to get rid of toxic people and live the positive life.

“Not everything is going to work, and our stingkin’ thinkin’ can prevent us from taking the necessary risks that help us move the next step forward to growing our business.”

Bonus: GaryVee talks about “Positivity always wins!”


There are all things I’ve learned from this book. If you are keen on business or self-development books, I strongly recommend you to buy this book – “The Profit of Kindness” written by Jill Lubin.

Here’s her site:


Lublin, J 2017, The Profit of Kindness: How to Influence Others, Establish Trust, and Build Lasting Business Relationships, Career Press, New Jersey.

Vaynerchuk, G 2013, Why now is the time to crush it cash in on your passion, HarperCollinsPublishers, New York.

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