What I’ve learned during the busy week of assignment

[Sunday, 15 April 2018]

It was such a busy week when I had to wrap two big assignments up. However, as I promised, keeping up with these weekly posts will still and always be my priority. So, today I decided to publish a post that covers what I’ve learned during this assignment period.

  • Teamwork, communication and time consumption are three things which contribute to the success when doing the group assignment.
  • Supporting is the way to learn from someone and to review your mistakes.

1. Teamwork, communication and time consumption

I’ve experienced a failure when preparing the group assignment this week. So, there are three things that I’ve learned a lesson from this failure:

  • Teamwork: As a leader, I separated each part of the assignment for each member of my team. Afterward, each part would be done individually before joining together. However, my mistake was that I didn’t supervise my teammates’ process by asking what they had done so far or if they needed the support from each other. Therefore, when the deadline was approaching, I asked a member if he had done his work and I received a rather stunning reply that he said nothing had been done because he hadn’t understood what he would do. Although it was impossible that I couldn’t be frustrated, I calmed down and explained him each detail in his part and showed him how to make up for his work. Fortunately, everything had been due. Therefore, when you do the group assignment, the essential element is to constantly checking on one other’s task.
  • Communication: I was surprised that my teammate said that he hadn’t done anything about his part before the due. Why? The reason was that I had asked another member for helping him. However, I still received the same answer after 12 hours. Then, I asked him the reason, and he said that he still couldn’t understand what he would do. Nevertheless, after I explained again what his part was and showed him the way to do that, he seemed to understand partly and started doing his work immediately. Therefore, I think there may be the misunderstanding or miscommunication between my team’s members. There are two lessons that I’ve learned from this situation. The first lesson is that learning how to explain explicitly is incredibly important because it helps others understand what you’re talking. The second lesson is that you shouldn’t be afraid of questioning as well as asking for help when you do the group work.
  • Time consumption: I know that many students tend to start doing their individual assignment when the deadline is coming. I also know that those students commonly complain they don’t have enough time to complete the individual assignment before the deadline. However, that attitude will lead to a negative impact when doing the assignment as a group. Unfortunately, that happened on my team – when my teammates couldn’t focus on group work because they were doing the individual assignment at the same time. Therefore, if you have multiple assignments which have the same deadline, it’s important to finish the individual assignments early before starting the group ones. Why? There is no doubt that the number of hours you spend on the group assignment is more than on the individual one. Another advice upon consideration due to the fact that it would take a decent amount of extra time for someone’s needs of assistance since you have to explain, collaborate, etc. so pick your questions wisely

2. Supporting is the way to learn from someone and to review your mistakes

I tend to finish the individual before a week of the due so that I can get myself more involved into leading the team. For me, supporting is the new way to learn what I haven’t learned and to figure out my errors. I, for example, helped out my classmates when they were doing the assignment of programming this week. Fortunately, I discovered two big errors in my codes before the submission when I explained to them how to answer the questions. Furthermore, there’s no skirting the fact that nobody is perfect – which means everyone also has a good thing that I can learn from. Therefore, providing assistance to others is also the way to learn new things from each other. Not only that, I think it’s the great way for me to build up my network. As I mentioned in the post (Experience #5), your network is the key to being successful in your life.

“When you learn to generally give to people without expecting them to do something in return, you win. You’ll perceive the world differently, and be a better person because of it.” – Gary Vaynerchuk


Vaynerchuk, G 2015, ‘5 Core Values of Business From GaryVee’, Gary Vaynerchuk, viewed 15 April 2018, https://www.garyvaynerchuk.com/5-core-values-of-business-from-garyvee/


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