Book Review: Invisibles – David Zweig #2

This is the second post of one of the must-read books in 2018 – “Invisibles – David Zweig”.

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This post will cover four other values which I have found out of this book:

  • Do not believe the hype.
  • The branded self.
  • The singular vision and the art of collaboration.
  • The view of cultures.


  • Do not believe the hype (FAME).

I can say that you will be stuck if you depend too much on the hype. I know some people abandon what they love to do because they worry about how other people think about what they are doing. Besides that, the quality of the product is also affected by the praise. I know that the main value of the event is commonly lost since the director cannot focus on his/her product due to the sponsors. So, if you do not want to be controlled by others’ judge, you need to be yourself and to stop believing the hype.

  • The branded self (SUCCESS).

Building your personal brand is not only the process of showing up but also the process of caring or helping others. If you are trying to turn yourself into a brand but not helping others, you are playing the wrong game. Why? Because people just pay attention to how much you could support to solve their problems. So, to grow your “brand” or to be successful, you need to let other people know how much you care by doing what you love.

  • The singular vision and the art of collaboration.

The vision always goes along with the collaboration. It means once you set goals to reach your vision, the goals could not be done without the team. The great advice is that you should not try to control everything because it is out of your ability. In addition, when you work like a group, you are dealing with the work itself as well as the whole person and the personality. Therefore, you need to identify the importance laid within everyone’s role and contribute your best to be a part of a team. My piece of advice is that it is not only how big your vision is but how collaborative your team is.

  • The view of cultures.

Culture is the invisible thing you need to consider when you work in a multicultural team. In this book, the author gives examples of two different cultures from Western (recognition/ fame-seeking) and from Asian (collectivism). While teamwork and harmony are key in regard to the Asian culture, people focus on leadership and individualized mentoring in the US. Moreover, there are differences between each culture around the world such as language, belief, lifestyles, and so forth. So, the view of cultures is the key that helps you adapt to the multicultural workplace.

What’s next?

That is all I have learned from “Invisibles – David Zweig”. However, I will publish the review for another book next few weeks.

So, I hope you can find the values out of this post. If you like what my content, let’s share it with your friends.

If you would like to buy this book, let’s click on the image below.


Zweig, D 2014, Invisibles: The Power of Anonymous Work in an Age of Regardless Self-Promotion, Penguin Group, New York.

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