Hi guys, how’s going?

After a few busy weeks of the assignments and final exams, the first semester of my course is officially over. I’m sorry I haven’t been active on my blog recently, but I have 3 weeks break from now and I’ll find the motivation to write up a few more posts for you guys.

So, this post is the first post during my break. I’ll show you what I’ve experienced at university, especially Swinburne University.

1. I didn’t think that I made it BUT I actually made it:

I’m currently in the first year of Information Systems degree, so there are 4 subjects I have to study in semester 1:

  • Introduction to Business Information Systems
  • Problem Solving with ICT
  • Database Analysis and Design
  • Technical Programming

There are two coding units which I thought it would be difficult to get a good result because I had no basic knowledge about those. However, it’s fortunate to say that I got an HD grade in those two units. Although I couldn’t get an HD grade in IBIS and PSI, I was so happy to say that I made it. Basically, I thought I tried so hard to learn how to code and draw diagrams. In order to get a high grade, I spent too much time not only on self-learning but also on helping my classmates to understand the core things of those two units. Once my friend asked how to be good at coding, I replied that I just tried hard to understand the logic of it. Technically, I’m also a normal person but the difference between you and me is how much time you spend on digging into what you want to understand. It’s not about who is smarter than each other but it’s about who is work harder than each other. For me, there is just 1% of thinking and 99% of trying to do what I think. And, I finally made it.

There are also three other things I experienced during the semester 1:

  1. Volunteering for “The Amazing Race” celebrated by VISS (Vietnamese International Students at Swinburne).
  2. Joined Business & Networking Event celebrated by Swinburne Business Society.
  3. Volunteering as a content writer in Youth Support Organisation.

2. My tutors:

The more I talked with my tutors, the more I learned from them. I felt so excited once I had a small talk with my tutors because I could know more about their background as well as the major I choose. Sometimes I am confused about which major I should choose for my degree because there are many choices such as Business Analysis, Data Science, Data Analytics, and so forth. As a result, I went to ask my tutors if they could give me a piece of advice. Fortunately, they were willing to share what they know and the future vision about those majors. Since I was willing to communicate with them, I discover that they also have their own business and tutoring is just their minor occupation.

So, trying to communicate with your teachers as much as possible is the great way to learn and get close to them. Although they look like professionals, they are willing to give you a piece of helpful advice once you ask them. I know that sometimes you’re afraid of asking questions. I think you should try to do that at least once though. For me, asking questions is the best way to learn more and understand others from their experiences.

Overall, I have definitely enjoyed the first semester since I have learned many things related to business and technical skills from the units as well as real-world experiences.

Thank you for reading! Hopefully, you enjoy this post.

Comment below to share your interesting experiences at university.

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