Hi everyone, how is going?

Today I’m going to introduce to you BeWon restaurant at which they serve a tasty Korean food near Swinburne University.

Winter is coming to Melbourne, so the weather is really cold now. So, I need to go and find any hot and spicy food in order to warm me up. Because of that, I decided to visit BeWon restaurant with my friends so that we could taste hot and spicy Korean soup. We had come here many times before due to their delicious Korean food and its location.

You can find the restaurant at 652 Glenferrie Road, Hawthorn, Melbourne. It takes 3 minutes walk from Glenferrie station.


Outside the restaurant


Inside the restaurant


BEWON reception

I and my friends went here at lunchtime on a sunny day. Therefore, we had to wait for 5 minutes to have any seats since it was so crowded. I like to go here because of their tasty food as well as their cute and friendly staff. Their customer service is great because customers will receive a free drink as an apology once there is a long time for waiting for food. Personally, I am impressed with their waitresses who are so adorable and friendly. I think it may be the beauty of Korean girls.

Anyway, the meal finally served to my table after 10 minutes. The hot and spicy of Pork Bulgogi Stew warmed me up under the cold weather of winter. It was the memorable moment! Although I have just had a dinner, my mouth starts watering once I look at the picture below.


Pork Bulgogi Stew with Rice + Tofu Twigim

Pork Bulgogi Stew: This is the Korean soup which is served with a bowl of steam rice. However, you can order one more bowl of rice as long as you want. Its flavor is a bit sweet which is the pretty authentic Korean flavor. It is topped with spicy chargrilled pork, kimchi, mushroom and sweet potato noodle. I couldn’t name all the ingredients, but the flavors all harmonize really well in a sizzling bowl.

Tofu TwigimThis is just snacks. However, its flavor is so delicious and a bit sweet. I highly recommend tasting it with a bowl of steam rice.


If you study at Swinburne, this is the best place to go for lunch. I saw most customers ordered a lunch box for their lunch so it may be tasty. For me, I suggest you should taste Pork Bulgogi Stew, Tofu Twigim, Kimchi Soup and Bibimbap topped with fried egg once you visit this restaurant. I rate this Korean restaurant 4.3 because of its delicious Korean food and friend staff. I will definitely go back for more!

Thank you so much for reading.


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