Hi everyone, what’s poppin?

Today, I would like to share with you many images I took when I visited Frankston in Melbourne.

Box Hill is one of the biggest suburbs of Melbourne, Australia. It once had its own large historic Central Business District. The vast majority of its population are Asian people, particularly Chinese. So, there are many Asian restaurants and retailers here. It takes nearly 30 minutes to travel from CBD of Melbourne to Box Hill Centre by train.


Outside Box Hill Central


The park near Box Hill Central


The place to taste any food or coffee inside Box Hill Central


The sidewalk near the car park of Box Hill Central

After meeting up at Box Hill, I and my friend started driving to Frankston. It takes us an hour to travel to there. However, it takes nearly 2.5 hours to commute from CBD of Melbourne to Frankston by train.

Frankston is one of the largest outer-suburbs of Melbourne, Australia. The vast majority of its population are European and Australian people. So, I felt like I was in the countries of Europe once I got there. Since it gets along with the eastern coast of Port Phillip Bay, its seawater is not too cold. I visited Frankston on a sunny day, its fresh atmosphere made me felt cool.

The first stop of us was at Frankston Foreshore Reserve near Frankston Pier. It would be easy for you to search the location on Google Maps.


We were on the way to Frankston


We were at Frankston. This is the car park of Frankston Foreshore Reserve.


The place near Frankston Pier.


We were on Frankston Pier. This is the right side of it.


On Frankston Pier.


The left side of Frankston Pier.


I stood on the cross-section of Frankston Pier.


The bridge is located at the right side of the coast.


The bridge above looks like.


The place is located near Long Island Dr once I went through the bridge above.

The next stop is Mt Eliza Foreshore Reserve near Canadian Bay. It takes 5-10 minutes to drive from Frankston Foreshore Reserve. You can easily search it on Google Maps. Its location is between Frankston and Mornington.


We were on the way to Mt Eliza Foreshore Reserve. Actually, we were finding the car park near the coast.


We were on Mt Eliza Foreshore Reserve. This is the picture I took once I stood at its car park.


This is the stair to go down the coast.


It looks like the crescent shape.


This is Oliver’s Hill Lookout. You can easily search on Google Maps its name.

Next time you are in Melbourne and would like to get away the crowd, go to the beach and take many outstanding photos, Frankston is the place for you. Fortunately, Frankston is still in Zone 1 and 2 so you can get there by train with the A$8 Myki ticket. Moreover, the journey takes an hour drive or 2.5 hours by train.

Thank you so much for reading!

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