Hello everyone, how is going?

Today, I would like to share two of my favorites, Maths and Reading. So, this post will cover two things below:

  • The reasons why I enjoy learning Maths and reading books.
  • How these two favorites benefit me.

1. Why I enjoy learning maths and reading books.

I loved learning Maths when I was studying grade 9 in Vietnam. However,  I hadn’t been keen on Maths in previous years because I had been bored with its tons of theories. So, why is it my favorite up to now? I remember that I had been a hot-tempered kid before stepping to the senior year of my secondary school in Vietnam. Nevertheless, Maths had converted that kid into the patient guy who is willing to think outside the box and solve problems logically, not based too much on his emotion. Moreover, when I wrapped up the complex Maths exercise, I was like I finally made it. That feeling is like when people achieve their goals after a long time of working hard. Therefore, it’s confident to say that Maths inspires me that nothing is impossible.

I started reading books when I was a freshman in university. In those days, I wanted to try something new in my spare time in order to get rid of playing video games too much. I remember that the first book I read is “How to win friends & influence people” written by Dale Carnegie – Vietnamese version. Although it was tough for me to read quickly and understand the whole meaning of the author, I just tried to read and figure out the values of the book. After a long time of reading, I looked back and was surprised that I had learned many things which no one had taught me before. At that time, I thought that was interesting. After reading that book, I continued purchasing some books (Vietnamese version) which are related to what I want to know more. I read every single day during my free time. After finishing many Vietnamese books, I started thinking of purchasing English books which would be great for me to practice my English. Due to that rationale, I decided to buy two English books (one is a novel book, “Fault In Our Stars” – John Green, and another one is non-fiction, “A Field Guide to Lies – Critical Thinking in the Information Age” – Daniel J Levitin. Though it was difficult for me to read books in another language, I just tried to do that because I thought I would regret if I didn’t try to do things that I liked.

2. How these two favorites benefit me.

First of all, I would like to let you know the benefits of studying Maths. I know that many students think that Maths is so bored because it has a lot of theories and it cannot apply to the real world. If you are a student and you have that thought, you need to watch the video below.

I ensure that you’ll change your mind about Maths like what I did. I remember that I started to realize the benefits of Maths when I was studying statistics, probability, physics and chemistry in grade 12. Especially, it makes more sense for me when I’m currently learning how to code and analyze data in today’s Information Age. So, the first benefit of Maths is that it supports me to make a better decision. I used to base too much on emotion when deciding to do things until I learned how to apply Maths to analyze things logically. I don’t say that I’m a master of making decisions but I’m confident to say that I can handle risks more logical than I used to do. The second benefit is that it supports me to improve my logic when gathering and analyzing what is the hoax. In my opinion, Maths is the great opportunity to improve the logic and think creatively.

Secondly, I figure out many benefits from my reading favorite. I prefer to read non-fiction books than fiction ones. However, both types of books help me think creatively. For example, I tend to imagine how things happen when I’m reading. Sometimes, reading books helps me connect what I learned with the real-world examples and gives me many ideas about starting a business. Moreover, it also inspires me to step out my comfort zone and start doing what I love. While non-fiction books allow me to experience many examples which were happened, fiction books allow me to go to the new world where I could observe every single emotion of characters. Furthermore, it helps me understand the personality of people who I communicate with. Not only that, it also changes my mindset and teaches me lessons that no one taught me. In my opinion, reading books is the great way to think outside the box and distinguish between good and bad things which are talked by people around me. I also think the more I read, the more knowledge I gain.

That’s all I want to share. Thank you so much for reading!

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