How I learned to code, and become the Full-Stack Web Developer in 4 months

This post tells you how I learned to code from a beginner to an advanced full-stack website developer in 4 months

Hi everyone, how are you going?

Today, I would like to share with you how I learned to code from a beginner to an advanced full-stack website developer.

My personal experience

First of all, I would like to share with you my personal steps which I used to learn to code.

  • Take a few programming units at my university: First, I took two units at my university during my first year. The first unit was about some basic knowledge such as variables, loops, conditional expression, functions, and structures. Also, I learned how to use the terminal to get an output from my program. At the end of this unit, I understood how to apply basic logic into the program and started making sense of the coding process. The second unit covered things such as data structures and computing algorithms which are more advanced than the first one. The third unit covered all the things about Web Development from front-end to back-end development. This unit was a bit complicated but it was an interesting unit since it displays all the codes on the screen which seems to be in the real world.
  • Learn more on my ownDuring the semester, I also took a few online courses and learned on my own. I had taken the Web Development published on Udemy by Colt. This course helped me understood more about advanced website development by using different back-end programming languages such as NodeJs and NonSQL from which I was learning in school (PHP and MySQL). Finally, I wrapped up +40 hours web development online Bootcamp with the small project. Now I am doing the similar process with learning Python (the popular programming language for data scientist) and React (JavaScript framework – web development language).
  • Learn more by starting a few small projects: Then, I applied what I learned to build a few simple website applications to some complicated ones. I learned a lot from this step since I had to google many times when I got stuck. Fortunately, there are two websites (Stack Overflow and w3schools) which helped me a lot in those difficult situations. Up to now, I have finished 4 projects – including 3 projects from university and 1 project from online learning.

My recommendation

Then, I would like to give some recommendation for those who would like to learn how to code as a beginner.

  • Start learning all the basic syntax: First of all, I suggest you should start learning from the basic syntax. For example, you can learn how to declare variables, create a structure, build a simple function, use loops and conditional statement. Then, you should combine them together in order to build your first simple application. Also, you should learn how to build an interactive website which could be easy for you to get started since it displays all your codes on the computer screen. If you have no idea about which programming language you should get started with, I highly recommend you to learn Python, a package of HTML, CSS and Javascript or C and C++.
  • Do not panic: Then, I recommend you not to panic anytime when you get stuck with your codes. Since you are a beginner, you are able to make errors. However, you have to learn from those. Once you make a mistake or do not know what to do next with your codes, you just need to calm down and google what you want to know or publish your question on some programming community website such as Stack Overflow and Reddit. Asking for help is also the great way to learn new things.
  • First studying hard, Then studying smart: Then, I recommend you to study hard once you get started, and then study smart once you are familiar with coding. You have to study hard at first because it is the time you need to understand all the basic things in programming. Once you are familiar with those, you can easily combine them together with a few simple logic to the complicated ones. For example, I had to sit in front of my laptop for at least 5 hours a day in order to understand all the basic syntax when I got started at learning how to code. However, I just need at least a month to understand all the syntax and logic once I get started with another programming language now.
  • Start working on personal projects: Finally, I recommend you to apply what you learn to build some interesting and meaning things such as a personal website or an app for yourself. Once you start working on your personal projects, you could memorize what you have learned as fast as possible. Also, it helps you think creatively and motivates you to learn more. It is like when you learn things you which you are interested in to build what you are excited about.


That’s all about what I would like to share.

Thank you for reading.

Comment below to let me know what you would like to know.

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