Programming is not as difficult as you think

Is programming difficult to learn?
Which programming language should the newbie get started with?

Hi guys!

Many people, including my friends and my relatives, ask me whether programming is difficult to learn or not. In addition, they also ask me that they should get started with which programming language as a beginner. Therefore, today I am going to publish this post to answer those two questions.

1. Is programming difficult to learn?

My answerNO.

My explanation:

If you are a newbie and you think that programming is the hardest thing to learn, you are normal. I remember that I used to think like that when I went to programming class at university. However, I totally changed that thought until I got started learning statistics and things related to it on my own. At that time, I realized that programming was not one of the most difficult things to learn. For me, programming is basically the tool which supports people to communicate with computers by using computing languages. Therefore, learning how to use the tool is not difficult since the only thing you need is time. For example, if I would like to be familiar with the programming language such as Python or Javascript, I just need to sit in front of the computer, read through the documentation or watch online tutorials, and then understand and use them by following the instruction. I realize that the process takes me at least a month to wrap it up.

So, learning how to code is not as difficult as most people think. However, the hard thing about programming is creativity. It means that how you apply what you learn for creating beneficial things. For example, people use programming for creating a software that predicts disasters in order to reduce its damages. I know many people, including my friends, who dig into learning programming languages as many as possible since they think that is the good way to get a cool job. However, they do not know that the company does not care how many programming languages the applicant is familiar with. The only thing the company needs to know is how well the applicant uses those tools for solving problems. I know this from my friends who are the Ph.D. or have been working for a large company.

So, once you would like to get started with coding, the only thing you need to memorize is that you learn how to code in order to become an innovator, a creator, or a problem solver, not a coder.

2. Which programming language should you get started with as a newbie?

As I mentioned in the previous post, there are 2 programming languages such as Python and package of (HTML, CSS, Javascript) which are simple to learn if you are the beginner. The reason is that you can learn many basic syntaxes from these languages which are nearly similar with other advanced one such as C++ and Java. However, it depends on your goals in order to choose which one you should learn first.

If your goal is to become a web developer or web designer, I highly recommend you to grab the package (HTML, CSS, Javascript) as the first programming language. If you would like to learn this package online on your own, you can take a Udemy Course – held by Colt Steele as I did. This course covers some of the most exciting and relevant topics in the web development industry. Importantly, it is designed for the complete beginner, the instructor is very friendly. Aside from that, you can also take the online tutorials from many popular sources such as w3school,, Khan Academy, etc. These sources are free but some of them are not as comprehensive as the one I suggest above.

If your goal is to become a technical developer, data science analytics, or data scientist, I highly recommend you to learn Python at first. This recommendation is similar with the one of my lecturer who is studying Ph.D. of data science at Swinburne University. Python is the simple language to learn if you are the beginner since its syntax is nearly similar with other advanced object-oriented programming languages such as Java and C++. In addition, it has many libraries which contributed by many programmers. Importantly, some of these libraries are technically helpful for data science and data analytics. To learn Python, you can watch videos on YouTube – published by CS Dojo, or read through the documentation on the Python website. Another option is that you can take a Udemy Course – held by Colt Steele as I did.

That’s all about what I would like to share.

Thank you for reading.

Comment below to let me know what you would like to know.

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