A year in Melbourne – What I learned (part 2)

Hi everyone, how is it going?

To be continued on this topic, I would like share to you guys the other three things I learned over a year. Hopefully, you will acquire something new when reading this post.

For those who have not read my last post yet, you can visit HERE to read it.

Ok, let’s get started!

1. Passion and Happiness

During a year of living in Melbourne, I experienced or tried many new things here in order to figure out what I am passionate about. And then, I define my passion as being a coder and data analyst for now. How can I find out what I am passionate about? I just do that by using a simple math below:

My passion = Time-consuming + Level of Happiness

From my understanding, passion is measured by how much time I have been spending and how happy I am when I am doing things. I see that most people – I know here – have a wrong definition of passion when they define it as how much money they are earning monthly but not how happy they are. And, I also know that many people do not have a definition of passion in their mind. Why can I assert that? Because I see many people are chasing money by doing the job that they hate. Or they are doing things because other people tell them to do that. I am empathic for those who have to do that since they have to pay for rent or something like that. However, let’s step back and think that we just live one life. So, why do we have to do what cannot make us happy? When I write to this line, I just remember that many people define their happiness as how much money they earned. If you are this kind of people, I highly recommend you to listen to this VIDEO twice.

“I just live one life. So, I do not allow myself to do what I hate. And, I also do not allow other people to force me doing things I do not want to do. I just allow myself to follow my passion by doing things that make me happy. It is MY LIFE” – Unknown author.

2. Work hard and work smart

A year of living in Melbourne helps me understand deeply the meaning of “Focus on the process, not the result”. Not only that but I also understand what “working hard” and “working smart” actually are. After finishing the first year of university, I look back my process during the studying period and I realize that my result is 100% worth. I spent my time as much as possible not only on self-learning but also on supporting my classmates to understand what they were learning. My friends and tutors usually tell me that you are a smart guy. Although I am happy and accept that comment, I think that my friends can also be smart as me if they study hard. Aside from that, I also tend to tell my friends that I’m also a normal person but the difference between you and me is how much time you and I spend on digging into what we want to understand. When writing to this line, I start to think of people who always say that they prefer to work smart rather than working hard. And then, they will be beaten by those who are working hard and smart.

I would say that it is not only about who is smarter than each other but it is also about who is working harder than each other. There is just 1% of thinking and 99% of trying to do what you think.

3. Be who I am

One of the most important things I learned here is how to be myself. I used to be a person who did not do things that I thought that was crazy. I also used to be a person who was afraid of trying things I wanted because many people around me told that it was not good for my future. And, I also used to be worse than that because I think that was a period that I could not be myself. A year of living in Melbourne is an opportunity for me to live my own life, do everything I want and accept the responsibility once doing something wrong. I stop valuing opinions of people around me on myself and start listening to myself.

I see that most people – I know – value someone else’s opinion more than their own. For instance, they study this course because their family members say that it is good for their future. In addition, they study this course because many people around them say that it is a “hot” course to get “Permanent Residency” here. And, there are many other things like that. I have been listening to this kind of sentences many times from my friends. Then, I asked them if they are happy with that. Most of them answered me “NO” and the rest did not give me an answer – I think you know the reason.

Therefore, if you are not yourself, you have to figure out yourself now. And, you need to stop valuing someone else’s opinion more than your own on yourself. You just live one life, so you should do everything you want and be responsible with that. I highly recommend you read “How to stop caring what others think” – GaryVee twice.

That’s all for this post. However, it does not stop here. I will publish more posts on this topic next week. Hopefully, you can learn something from this post.

Thank you for reading.

Comment below to let me know your opinions.

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