A year in Melbourne – What I learned (final part)

Hi everyone, how is it going?

This is the final post in this topic, I would like share to you guys the next three things I learned over a year. Hopefully, you learn something new from this post.

For those who have not read the other two posts yet, you can visit PART 1 and PART 2 to read it.

Ok, let’s get started!

1. Kindness

A year of studying overseas makes me understand the importance of the word “kindness” and its reward. Also, I understand the meaning of 51/49 – mentioned by Gary Vaynerchuk in his book “Crushing it”. That’s why I spent much of my time helping people without expectation. That’s why I rarely say “no” when someone actually needs my help. I realize that the more I give value to someone else, the more happiness I build, and the more I learn.

The truth is that most people – I know – see kindness as a weakness since they cannot know what opportunities they would get behind their back by being kind. Maybe, they are living their own lives in negativity more than in positivity. It means that they are insecure themselves. I believe that being a positive person is always better than being a negative one. It makes more sense for me when my good friend/lecturer said:

“…if you make friend with many positive people, you will do many positive things because the positivity is building in your mindset – the black box of your brain…”

That’s why I start getting rid of many strongly negative people. Since positivity is equal to kindness, I believe that it is a long-term strategy for everything in the world.

2. How to get started

I see many people want to do many things but they don’t know how to get started at the beginning. Therefore, they tend to abandon or leave those things once they haven’t given a try. If you are that kind of people, my best advice for you is “DON’T THINK TOO MUCH, JUST GET STARTED”. If you don’t give it a try at the beginning, you won’t know what will happen next. Also, you may not be motivated to do that thing anymore.

You don’t need to think too much in order to get started at something since you may overthink sometimes. You just need to google “how to (things you want to do or learn)”. And then, you need to do a little research by reading through a few articles showing in the searching results. And then, I think you know what needs to do next.

This is the process when I want to try something new. Since I arrived in Melbourne, I have been learning how to search on google a lot due to the power of the Internet.

For example, when I started blogging I just thought that I’d like to share my experience to who needs it. At that time, my writing in English was not quite good since I am not a native English speaker. However, I also thought that no one would have known my experience if I hadn’t started writing and publishing my blog posts. Therefore, I gave it a try and started receiving many feedbacks from my friends and my audiences. Also, I googled and read many materials and books so that I could learn how native English speakers perform their language by writing and copy that writing style into my every single post. As a result, I feel that my writing skill seems to be improved a lot.

3. Communication

I have been studying overseas for a year, so I am aware of the fact that communication skill is as important as technical skills. It’s like if you want people to understand what you have researched, you need to communicate with them clearly and explain them by using the most understandable words. Otherwise, people may not get what you mean and the result of your work won’t be recognized.

For example, I am learning data analytics and I can use words related to my study field such as “observations” or “variables” to communicate with my friends who are studying the same major. However, it doesn’t mean that I can communicate in the same way with my clients or someone who is studying different major. The reason is that those words may be not understandable for them. As a result, I need to convert those words into the most understandable words such as “data points” or “columns”. It may make more sense for them I guess.

By showing the example, I ensure that you now can understand the importance of communication skill. It’s not only how perfect your work is, but how you can explain it clearly in the most understandable way. Thus, I have been training my communication skill a lot by tutoring my friends, explaining clearly what I have done to my lecturer and volunteering.

I believe that the way I communicate with each other will be as good as the way I write every single blog post soon. It may be hard and takes a long time but it isn’t impossible.

That’s all for this post. Also, it is the final part of this topic. I will publish more posts on different topics soon. Hopefully, you can learn something from this post.

If you have any feedback or topic suggestion, just let me know by commenting below.

Thank you for reading.

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