Time Management and Productivity

Time management and Productivity

It’s so ludicrous to me that my friends and people around me tend to complain that they haven’t got enough time to do things they love to do.

The reality is, we have 16 hours per day and most of us use 8 hours of that time for doing 9-5 jobs, but we still have the remaining 8 hours a day. We can use those hours for fulfilling our dreams instead of watching Netflix, playing video games, or have a trash talk with friends more than an hour on social media. I write down these examples because these things are not interesting to me. However, it doesn’t mean that all of them are not good. The important thing is that we need to have self-awareness.

I have been being busy for a while because I’m in charge of at least 2 projects, including the one I founded. Also, I’m on the learning stage of machine learning and AI. However, I don’t complain about that since it makes sense that I feel happy once doing those things.

I receive many questions from my friends about the way I manage my time and how I maintain productivity for an entire day.

Here’s how:


To maintain productivity for an entire day, I have to be productive on the morning first. I sleep 7-8 hours a day from 10 PM or 11 PM to 6 AM. This timeframe depends on what time I get every target done. Waking up with regular activities makes me feel fresh and perky in the morning. Then, I usually have a 15-minutes-breakfast with a cup of cappuccino which gives me a 100% energy for an entire productive day.


I usually start my work before 10 AM or at 10 AM because I feel motivated and lively before 10 AM.¬†Moreover, I tend to make a to-do list for a whole day before getting started. My to-do list is divided into 3 areas, including “Get started”, “Work”, “Interest”. The first part usually is the reading time. I spend 30 minutes to an hour on reading materials which are related to my study field. The second part consists of things that should be done for the project I’m working on within 8 hours. This part also includes a timeframe for each activity. The final part includes things I want to do after work.

Here’s the list:

  • Get started
    • Reading articles/books related to A
  • Work
    • Applying B (x hours)
    • Implementing B (x hours)
    • Testing B (x hours)
  • Interest
    • Learning C
    • Watching videos related to C
    • Doing my own project
    • Reading books


One of the most important things that maintain my productivity for an entire day is that I have to feel happy or motivated every single hour of work. I tend to have a little break when I feel bored during the working time. The break is about 15-30 minutes, depending on my moods. During the break, I tend to grab some snacks or food I like, watch YouTube, listen to music, or surf Facebook and Instagram. I do everything I like until I have the motivation to get back to work. Even I’m able to focus on working for 4 hours without the break, I think it should be better if I have a little break and then get back to work.

In conclusion, that is everything I do in order to manage my time and maintain productivity for a whole day. The importance is that I don’t complain about what I’m doing. In fact, you don’t need to do everything above in order to have a good time management or a productive day, the more important thing is that you need to be self-aware and stop complaining.

That’s everything I would like to share today. Thank you for reading!

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