Tasmania trip – nature, new friends and unforgettable moments

It was 5 days before my birthday (27 December) when I departed for Hobart, Tasmania with my friends who are Srikanth and his wife – Sandhya. Although it was a short trip (only 5 days), there are many unforgettable moments for me.

Let me tell you a story.

Day 1: A warm-up day

After an hour flight, we arrived in Hobart, Tasmania Airport at 10:30 AM. We left Hobart Airport at 11:30 AM after receiving our luggage and a rented car.


This image was taken from balcony lookout of Phil’s house.

Firstly, we visited Phil and his family, who are good friends of Srikanth when he began a new life in Australia for Ph.D. They were so welcoming us when we came to their house. Because it was during lunchtime, we had lunch together and I really like “Thai curries” – I guess – cooked by Heather, Phil’s wife. The taste was very similar to Asian curries and was very delicious. Apart from that, I was impressed by their son who was very energetic and their daughters who were very cute and smart. Also, I was fascinated by how Australian parents teach and treat their children. It is very different from how Asian parents do that with their children.


This image was taken on the field which is near Hobart Airport Park.

After 3 hours of meeting, we said goodbye to Phil’s family and started heading to Hobart Airport Park in order to check-in our cabin and put our stuff in the cabin.


This image was taken from Mount Wellington lookout.

After that, we traveled to Mount Wellington, which is located on the North of Hobart CBD. With the height of this mountain, we had a great view which covers the whole Hobart. Fortunately, we visited this place during the summer and hence it was not much foggy on the top of the mount even it was still cold. Apart from that, this place was also the first time I met Srikanth’s family friends who I will mention later in this blog.


This picture was taken in Alexandra Battery Park.

After spending 30-45 minutes on Mount Wellington, we started moving downward to Alexandra Battery, which is located near the bottom of Mount Wellington. And then, we crossed over the University of Tasmania in order to come to Sandy Bay Beach. We spent 10-15 minutes there to take sightseeing before finding something to eat. We ended the first day in Hobart by spending an hour in Mako Seafood, a fish and chips store near Tasmanian Museum and Art Gallery, before coming back to our cabin and took a long rest preparing for the next day.

Day 2: A sunny day in Hobart


This image was taken in front of Sandy Bay Baptist Church.

We left our cabin at 8:30 AM. The first place on the second day was Sandy Bay Baptist Church because it was Sunday. Honestly, this was the first time I went to church since I am not a Christain. Hence, I was a bit shy when I went inside the church. However, people here were friendly. They greeted and talked to me as if we had known each other before. After an hour of listening philosophy, the only thing I could understand clearly was the story about death and darkness.


The image was taken in Royal Tasmanian Botanical Gardens.

We left the church after 2.5 hours of staying there. The next place we traveled to was Royal Tasmanian Botanical Gardens. Although I just spent 10-15 minutes here, I felt like this was the biggest and most beautiful garden near Hobart CBD.


This image is taken in Sorell Park.

And then, we were heading to Sorell Park to have lunch with Srikanth’s family friends. When we were there, I first sat in the car to finish a KFC box and then still sat in the car because I felt a bit shy. However, I finally opened the car door and came to a table where Srikanth’s family friends were having lunch. I told them I would like to try their Indian food and started talking with them. My shyness had gradually disappeared and I felt like Indian food was also great to eat. I think this was the first time I started getting close with them. And, if it had not been the first time, I would not have had unforgettable moments later.

After saying goodbye with Srikanth’s family friends at Port Arthur Historic Site, we came back to Phil and his family for dinner. This time was another delicious dish that included BBQ lamb with pepper sauce, BBQ potato and salad.

We said goodbye to Phil and his family at 9:00 PM and we then came back to our cabin in order to take a long rest preparing for the next interesting day.

Day 3 – Mountains and Beaches


This image was taken near Buckland, Tasmania.

The first stop in our journey on the third day was the place near Buckland, Tasmania. We just spent 10-15 minutes here on sightseeing.


This image was taken near Orford, Tasmania.

Then, we continued our journey and the place which is near Orford was our next stop. Although it is the place from the side street, there are many great views here. Apart from that, this place was the first time I had a photo with a whole group. After spending 30 minutes here, we continued to Coles Bay.


This image was taken in Coles Bay.

It took us an hour and 30 minutes to drive from Orford to Coles Bay. Although it was a long time, it deserved that. The beach here looked very attractive with its powerful waves. We spent an hour here on taking photos after lunchtime.


This image was taken from Wineglass Bay Lookout, Freycinet.

Then, we traveled to Freycinet, which is nearby Coles Bay, for bushwalking. We were hiking 4 km from the bottom to the top of the mountain in order to reach the Wineglass Bay Lookout. It took us an hour to reach there and hence it deserved for that. When we already reached there, it was beautiful and picturesque landscape. From here, I could look out the Wineglass Bay Beach, which is one of the most attractive beaches. Also, I understood the reason why it called Wineglass Beach – because it looks like a wine glass as you can see from the image above.


The image was taken in Bicheno Blowhole.

After two hours of bushwalking, we decided to travel to a beach near Bicheno because the weather is quite hot. We spent 30-45 minutes here because of its cool air. Then, we came back to our cabin after 3 hours of driving, so that we could take the long rest preparing for the next day.

Day 4 – Bruny Island


This image was taken inside Sandy Bay Baptist Church.

This day was Christmas Day. We came to Sandy Bay Baptist Church in the morning. I met again people who I had already met on the second day. We said “Happy Christmas” and talked to each other. We left the church after 2 hours and started getting to Bruny Island.


This image was taken in the Neck Lookout.

Our first stop at Bruny Island was the Neck Lookout. It took us roughly 2.5 hours, including 10-20 minutes of ferrying, to come there. From the image above, you can see that the left side of the image had extremely powerful waves, while the opposite side was quiet. The beach on the left side of the image looks very attractive and picturesque. When I stood on the top of the mountain and was looking out at the beach on the left side of the image, I imagined that I could hear the call of the sea.


This image was taken in Cape Bruny Lighthouse, South Bruny.

Our next stop on this island was Cape Bruny Lighthouse. It took us roughly 1.5 hours to drive from the first stop to the top of the mountain. I really like the fresh air and the scenery around this place. From this place, I could have a beautiful view of Courts Bay as well as Lighthouse Bay. We spent 30 minutes here on taking photos before coming back to the ferry.


This image was taken in Bruny Island Ferry Terminal.

After 1.5 hours of driving, we were finally back to the ferry terminal. Unfortunately, we were late 5 minutes and hence the ferry left the terminal. As a result of that, we had to wait about 30 minutes for another ferry. The image above was taken when we were waiting for the ferry.

Day 5 – Goodbye Tasmania, an unforgettable trip



This image was taken in Hobart Airport Park.

This day was the final day we stayed in Hobart. Also, this image was the final group image on the Tasmania trip. Due to Srikanth, everyone knew my birthday was the following day. Hence, everyone celebrated Christmas Day as well as my early birthday with a Christmas chocolate cake. After the small party, we checked out, said goodbye to each other and started traveling around some places near Hobart until we got to the Hobart Airport.


This image was taken near Franklin, Tasmania.


This image was taken in Seven Mile Beach.

We finally ended our Tasmania trip on 26 December 2018. I traveled to many places, met many people and hence had many unforgettable moments with different emotions.

To have this wonderful trip,

I would like to say thank you to Srikanth and Sandhya for making this happen.

I would like to say thank you to Radha, Sivaramakrishma, Chandramouli, Mythili, Surendra, Anup, Navya, Giri and Ramya for being nice to me and having me on the trip.

I would like to say thank you Phil and his family for delicious dishes.

I would like to say thank you Mother Nature for creating many gorgeous and picturesque places in Tasmania.

I would like to say thank you to all the people I met during the trip because I learned many things from them.

If you already read to this line, I would like to say thank you for your patience.

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