Weekly lessons – Happiness or Fulfillment | Communication

To my readers, I’d like to notify that I start to publish a short post per week from this week instead of the long ones. This is because my work and study timetable becomes a bit heavier. So, short posts will be more about what I learn from books and real experiences within a week. However, this doesn’t mean that I won’t publish any long posts in the future. I’d say that I’ll try my best to write the long ones in my free time. Hopefully, you continue to be stick with my every single post.

What did I learn this week? – Week 1

1. I’ve been misunderstanding between happiness and fulfillment for a long time. I thought that the happiness came from all the fantastic jobs I got done daily, like hitting a goal or getting richer. However, I was definitely wrong because that doesn’t make me feel happy but makes me feel fulfilled. Happiness doesn’t come from what we get done and repeat it regularly, but it comes from what makes us feel excited. I learned that my true sense of happiness comes from what I can do for helping others, it doesn’t come from what I can do to get.

2. I know many Asian people who are extremely good at technical skills such as mathematics and programming but they’re not good at telling a story, I mean communication. This is because they’re encouraged to be good at those skills by people around them. Moreover, they don’t know that communication skill is more important than the technical one. This is the second lesson I learned. I learned that we connect to each other by the way we tell a story, not by the number or every technical knowledge we learn from school. We can have a great idea, but if we cannot inspire others to buy into that idea, it doesn’t matter. Furthermore, if technologists and scientists can’t explain the benefits of their findings to consumers, their ideas won’t catch on.

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