Weekly lessons – Launching a business | How we treat people

What did I learn this week? – Week 2

1. This week I had a chance to join a conversation between my friends and a senior accountant. During the conversation, I listened carefully to the accountant when he was consulting about the business from the beginning to the developing and maintaining stage. These things include business models, business hierarchy, types of tax, employees’ salary, and many other costs. This was a very informative conversation for me since I’m planning to launch my own business next 5 years or in my thirties. Therefore, I thought about what the accountant was talking once I got home and I learned two things from this. Firstly, launching a business isn’t as simple as we just need to have an idea, but there are many things that we also need to consider. Otherwise, we might be in trouble once our business is getting bigger. However, we don’t need to consider too much to make it happen since there are many experts who will “help” us. This is the second thing I learned. To be a business owner, we don’t need to have expertise in many things but we need to be an expert in connecting people. This makes me recall one of the famous quotes of Howard Schultz, Founder and CEO of Starbucks:

We’re not in the coffee business serving people, but in the people business serving coffee.

2. A year living in Melbourne, I realize that I wasn’t wrong once I decided to come to Australia for studying. This is because this decision gives me a chance to meet and talk to many kinds of people from different cultures. This helps me understand more the way people treat each other here. Therefore, I see that there are two different kinds of people. Firstly, there are the people who judge other positive people –  they haven’t met – in the same way they do with the negative ones – they met – in one community. Therefore, they don’t have many experiences rather than the second group of people who treat each other equally. This is one of the things I learned. Every single person, we meet, gives us a different experience. Either that experience is positive or negative, it’s still a chance for us to learn. We’re here to experience life, not to avoid life. Importantly, if we treat positive people in the same way we do with the negative one we met, those positive people will treat us in the same way we treat them. Hence, there is an infinite loop in our life and we cannot learn from each other as much as possible. This makes me recall an English idiom: Don’t judge a book by its cover. Therefore, I teach myself Don’t judge a person by his/her community“.

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