Weekly lessons – An entrepreneurship story

What did I learn this week? – Week 3

1. Many entrepreneurship stories from books and talk shows of famous CEOs and founders on Youtube helps me understand more about the mindset of an entrepreneur. If you think that an entrepreneur is a person who makes a lot of money per year and who tries to expand their business network as large as possible, you’re not wrong but you’re also not right. This is because an entrepreneur is a person who aims to solve problems. Money and business network are just a byproduct of the process of solving problems. I see that many startups companies nowadays fail after 1-2 years of launching because the mindset of its founders went the wrong direction. They focused too much on chasing money and relationship instead of putting their effort in making human life better. This is the first thing I learned this week. An entrepreneur is a person who puts his/her effort in solving problems in order to make human life better.

2. Another thing I learned from entrepreneurship stories of famous CEOs and founders is that an entrepreneur doesn’t complain when s/he is facing the challenge. Imagine that you are a founder of a company and you really want to globalize your company but people around you tell that this is impossible because there are many problems such as governments, banks and different cultures at this moment. What do you do? If you were an actual entrepreneur, you should have tried to address those problems instead of complaining about ones. You should remember that if everything has already existed which means there are no problems to solve, people won’t need you – an entrepreneur. I also learned one more thing from the story above. As an entrepreneur, you have to always believe in yourself even no one believes in you. This is because no one believes in the miracle until it happens. So, just do it!

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