Real benefits to studying abroad

I realize that most of the posts on Google about benefits to studying overseas give readers a lot of general information instead of the specific one. Moreover, I received a question about why I decided to study overseas many times from my friends. Therefore, I will share that information in this post, based on my experience over a year.

1. I would like to share information about education. Before coming to Melbourne, I heard from many people around me that education here was more outstanding than in Vietnam. However, it’s not absolutely right when I have already been studying here for a year. I see that education here is quite similar to the one in Vietnam in regards to the process of teaching and examination. So, what is the difference? The difference is that you need to be very proactive in searching for knowledge in your fields rather than follow the one given in class. This is because everything taught in class is very basic and it’s not able to help you get good grades. Furthermore, getting many good marks in university means that you have just finished well the basic part before jumping to the industry. So, you need to self-study a lot to catch up with the current one. These are two benefits in terms of education which you may not be taught in Vietnam.

2. Culture is another benefit to studying here. This is because the culture allows me to connect with many people from different countries and different groups of age. Because of this, I’m able to connect with people who are older than me in university and learn from them. Meanwhile, it’s hard to do that in Vietnam even I had a good performance. I see that many teachers in Vietnam see their students who have an outstanding performance as students. Therefore, it’s hard for both of those students to connect with their teachers for asking opportunities. However, culture makes a huge difference here once teachers see students who perform well as talents. They give many opportunities for those talents to grow and develop in the real industry. Moreover, culture helps me communicate with people who I haven’t experienced with easier. This is why it’s very easy to expand my relationship network once studying overseas.

3. I feel like getting scholarships is easier here than in Vietnam. In Vietnam, I need many things such as IELTS scores, outstanding results in university, reference letter and so forth to get the maximum 50% of tuition fee scholarship. Meanwhile, I just need to get High Distinction (above 80%) in each unit (total 8 units) to have that scholarship here. However, the maximum scholarship I can get is 70% of the tuition fee which may include the requirement above and a great reference letter.

4. Studying overseas is a great time for growing up. This is because it makes me start to understand and think more about myself and my family. It’s a time when I have a feeling that many people may not have in their twenties. And, it’s also a time when I become more independent and more responsible for what I have been doing.

There are also many other benefits to studying abroad, but I couldn’t share all of them in 1 post. Therefore, I’ll have more posts like this in the future. Or, I’ll make videos talking about this. Or, I may write everything into a book and publish it. 🙂

Thank you for reading!

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