Real drawbacks of studying abroad

When I was in Vietnam, I heard of people around me as well as agents about the benefits of studying abroad many times. However, no one told me drawbacks of studying overseas and how to deal with those until I experienced it realistically. Therefore, not only did I share the real benefits of studying abroad in the previous post, but I’m also going to share the real drawbacks of one in this post.

1. I see that language barrier is one of the popular drawbacks of studying abroad. This is because Melbourne is known as one of the multi-cultural cities in Australia, leading to the fact that international students have to deal with many English accents of people from different countries around the world. Therefore, it’s hard to communicate effectively if international students cannot understand clearly what other people are saying during the conversation. When I first came to Melbourne, I also experienced this issue. It was like I didn’t know what I should talk because I couldn’t understand clearly what others were saying. Hence, the only solution, in this case, is that I usually asked them for repeating what they had just said. This makes the conversation getting boring and uncomfortable. However, after a long time of practicing, I figure out the best solution to address this issue is that I try to have a conversation with people from different countries as much as possible so that I can listen carefully to them and note down the special things in their accent once they’re talking.

2. Another real drawback of studying abroad is that international students will be getting busier because of study and work. During the semester, I feel that I’m quite busy because I spend most of my time on studying in order to have a good performance. In addition, I also help my friends to understand more what they learn in class by opening a group study session during break time. I try my best to get everything done on weekdays so that I’m able to do a bit research in my field and blogging on the weekend. On the other hand, during holidays, I spend most of my time on working and researching more what happening on my field. Furthermore, I also do some volunteering activities so that I can improve my soft skills and expand my connections. It sounds like I keep myself busy every single week, including weekends, but it’s the truth since I’m an ambitious person who wants to experience as much as possible in the course of 3 years of studying overseas. From my experience, I tend to prepare myself a weekly timetable which makes me feel easier to manage everything.

3. Stressfulness is another real drawback of studying overseas. I see that international students are commonly getting stressful once they’re thinking of their financial things, the expectation of their family on them, and so forth. As you know, studying abroad is extremely expensive since it consists of many expenses such as tuition fees, living cost, and annual insurance. Therefore, it’s hard to prevent international students from thinking about their financial things. It’s the truth that I sometimes feel stressful once thinking of the money my family investing in my studying experience. This leads to the fact that I sometimes think of how big the expectation of my family is on myself. This is why I’m always keeping myself busy as I mentioned above. Having said that, I let these things to motivate myself rather than to make me stressful. I tend to motivate myself that I will earn back more than 5-10 times the money investing in my studying experience at 25. Aside from that, I see that international students just struggle with these things within a year when they first came to the new country for studying. However, they become more stable the later years because everything becomes more familiar with them. Therefore, if you’re struggling with the same issue, the best advice I could give is that you shouldn’t worry too much about it because everything will be fine then.

I feel like this post is a bit long for now so I will share more about this topic in another post in the future. Or you can wait for the video I made about this topic soon on YouTube. Hopefully, you enjoy this topic.

Thank you for reading!

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