Habits that I learned from being a programmer

I have been working as a programmer for a half year. Although a half year of working is nothing, I learned a lot during this period. Therefore, I’m going to share with you some habits that I learned from being a programmer in this post.

1. As a programmer, I train myself how to learn independently every day. Due to the power of open-source like Github and information exchange pages like Quora and StackOverflow, there are a ton of existing resources on the Internet. Therefore, I tend to use those existing resources for improving my skills rather than asking and then waiting for the guidelines in person. This is the first habit I learned from being a programmer. Not only does this habit help me a lot on programming, but it also makes me feel more independent once I would like to study new things.

2. Trying to ask myself as much question as possible is another habit I learned from being a programmer. From my experience, nothing is impossible if you ask the right question. Therefore, I tend to ask myself many questions once solving programming issues. This is because it doesn’t matter how many questions I ask, but many things can be solved once it’s the right question. Although I can’t tell you how to ask the right question, you’ll be able to figure out a way once you have enough practice. The only thing I highly recommend is that you should get started with very basic things (I learned this from my friend who is a researcher in the engineering faculty). Furthermore, this habit is helpful for me to solve not only programming issues but also issues of everything.

3. Perseverance is also one of the habits I learned from being a programmer. Sometimes, I need to spend a few hours on solving one problem but some problems require me to spend at least 3 days on solving it. Therefore, I try not to give up many times once working. This is because I believe that everything can be solved if I have enough time. This habit is useful because I see that many programmers are panic once they’re struggling with complicated problems. Therefore, if you’re dealing with a difficult problem, you should give a try and then spend your time on crushing it rather than giving up or giving an excuse in the first place.

4. Being proactive in learning new things in my field as well as other fields is another good habit I learned from being a programmer. Due to the development of nowadays technology, I have to update my knowledge by reading articles and research papers every day. Moreover, I sometimes read more about different fields in order to get more ideas about what I’m doing. To be a good programmer, I should have good programming skill as well as coming up with a good idea. That’s why I have to be very proactive in learning new things. This habit keeps my knowledge updated every day. Moreover, it motivates me to think more innovative.

I will share more about this topic in the future. Hopefully, you enjoy this topic.

Thank you for reading!

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