Platforms that I use for Q&A purpose

Due to the power of the Internet, people can exchange their knowledge to each other around the world just in a second. However, I see that many students, especially in Vietnam, lack this skillset because they may not know there are many free sources on the Internet which allow them to discuss with other people about what they want to know. That’s why they need to pay money for going to tutorials every single week. Honestly, I didn’t know there are many free mind-sharing sources on the Internet when I was studying in Vietnam.  Therefore, I’m going to share some free mind-sharing sources I’m using for study and work in this post.

The first mind-sharing tool I want to introduce is StackOverflow. Since my field is about computer science, I often use this website for searching for the answer to my question. This website is free and doesn’t require users to log in once seeking the answer. However, users need to sign up and log in once they want to ask question. So, can you use this website if you’re not studying computer science? The answer is YES. Aside from the main website which is used for fields related to computer science, there is also a branch website (StackExchange) where you can seek solutions or ask question for your desired topics. StackExchange has up to 200 topics, including Arts, Biology, Languages, Engineering, etc. I realize that the process of problem-solving is a bit faster when I know these two websites. This is because I’m able to learn independently in the quick way of asking question. Moreover, there are not only people who ask question regularly but also many experts from large companies who give their insights about the question on these two platforms.

Another Q&A tool I want to introduce is Quora. Although StackOverflow has StackExchange as its own branch for other topics, I feel like questions on these two websites are more related to tech fields such as computer science, mathematics, engineering, etc. That’s why I prefer to use Quora for seeking the answer to non-tech question rather than StackOverflow. This is because the question still receives insights from many experts even it’s out of tech topics. This website is free but it requires users to sign up and login in the first place. Users can use their Google accounts or Facebook accounts to log in. As mentioned, you can ask question related to your desired topics and expect to gain insights from other people in this platform. In addition, due to the culture of the platform, the answer needs to be informative and a bit professional. This culture benefits not only solution seekers but also people who address the question. That’s why I really like to use Quora as the second tool for my study and work. Not only do I gain many insights from the answer but I also learn how to answer the question in a professional way.

Another platform I tend to use is YouTube. I see that many people are using YouTube for entertainment purpose. However, it can be used for the mind-sharing purpose as well. I usually hear people say that a picture is worth a thousand words. This is pretty true because I often try to search on YouTube for some complicated concepts when I’m stuck after reading tons of words. Looking at images and listening to the explanation helps me make more sense about what I read. Although YouTube is not a kind of professional platform for mind-sharing, you’re still able to learn independently via existing videos of reliable YouTuber. Especially, when you’re getting bored due to reading too much, you can listen and look at the examples on YouTube to make more sense.

I also use other tools such as Google Scholar and Arvix for Q&A purpose, but the post is pretty long for now. Therefore, I’ll share the information about these two platforms in another post. Hopefully, you guys like it.

Thank you for reading.

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