Team collaboration tools that I use for study and work projects

When we think of team collaboration or group work, we tend to come up with some important things like communication, meeting time, note-taking, weekly tasks and so forth. Although it’s possible to manage all of them manually, it’s not highly productive. For instance, if you’re a team leader and you want to track the tasks of your members, you need to look again the task list and contact each member via phone call or messages. With this manual process, it takes a lot of time, doesn’t it? So, is there a free existing tool for us to track the tasks of each member just by a click button? I usually asked myself this question every time once I had a study group project in Vietnam. However, I couldn’t find the answer to this question until I came to Melbourne where I can approach many useful technologies. Therefore, I’m going to introduce some team collaboration tools that I’m using for study and work projects in this post.

The first tool I want to introduce is Slack, which is the free team collaboration tool for communication purpose. This tool helps me create a workspace for each project where I and my team members are able to communicate with each other via messages. Within a workspace, I can also create multiple channels based on purposes. For example, if I want to have a place where all members are only allowed to discuss about meetings, I will need to create a channel called “meetings”. Aside from communication purpose, I can also schedule the plan for the next meeting which other team members can click on ‘going’ or ‘decline’. Furthermore, I’m able to create or join many different workspaces with 1 account. Moreover, I really like the adding apps feature of Slack which allows me to add Google Drive, Google Calendar and many other apps. This feature helps me manage many apps and services on one page. That’s why it’s very convenient and productive.

Trello is the second free team collaboration tool which I want to introduce. This tool helps me create a project board where I and my team members are able to create and track the task list for each week. Not only that, but Trello also sends me the notification once some specific tasks are near the deadline. In addition, I and my team members can add feedback to each other’s task by using the ‘add comment’ feature. Furthermore, Trello allows users to assign a person and create a checklist for each specific task. This feature helps my team know a person who is responsible for a specific task and his/her progress. One more thing I really like about Trello is that it can be integrated with Slack so that I can use it via Slack as well. The common lists, I tend to use for each project in Trello, are Todos, Doing, Feedback and Done.

Another tool I want to introduce isĀ Toggl which is a free team collaboration for a time-tracking purpose. This tool helps my team track time for each specific task of each other so that we can estimate the actual time of the entire project. Keeping track the time sometimes makes me study and work more productive because I can focus on getting stuff done before the deadline. Moreover, it helps me know how much time I spend for irrelevant things while studying or working. That’s why I really like Toggl analytic dashboard where I receive the time graph of mine as well as my team for the project every week. Since time is priceless, I want to make sure that my time is spent efficiently and my work doesn’t bother my team members’ time.

Slack, Trello and Toggl are 3 team collaboration tools I commonly use for study and work projects. Also, I use other tools such as Google Drive, Google Calendar, Dropbox and so forth, to boost my productivity. Hopefully, you guys like this post. Comment below to let me know what tools you’re using.

Thank you for reading.

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