15 things help your team to follow the agile mindset

I attended the meetup event with my friends last month. The event was organized by the Web group and it covered two main topics which were design ethics and infusing agility into the traditional mindset. I really like 2 speakers at the event because I learned lots of things from their presentations. Therefore, I would like to share to you what I learned at the event in this post.

Your principles make you different from othersIf you believe that you have justifiable reasons in your actions, you should not stop doing it until you succeed. There is not such a right or wrong thing because people have their own view which is different from others. Therefore, if you strongly believe in your principles, try proving them or make them understand what you are doing by telling them a story of your success. However, you should keep your principles being moral. Importantly, you should be yourself and change the way people think about your view.

The key success of every single project is people who have an agile mindset. I was very inspired by the presentation of the second speaker. This is because she wasn’t presenting but sharing great stories. It is the way you train your team to have an agile mindset. Aside from storytelling, there are 22 things you should do in order to help your team to follow an agile mindset – you can click on this and watch it from 18:30” for more information. The list below is what I experienced from 22 things in the presentation.

  1. Understand how your organization/ your team measures success.
  2. Revisit the history which is very important – this is because the history repeats itself and you are able to avoid the same mistakes.
  3. Inspire your team by showing them their impacts.
  4. Build a solid network in your team.
  5. Encourage your team to ask questions as much as possible – why do we need to do that? Why can’t we change it? How can we change it? etc.
  6. Tell your team how the new idea works in the project – what would you and each other do with the new idea?
  7. Train your team how to learn from feedback.
  8. Visualize what you can’t solve in the whiteboard.
  9. Understand the time your team spends on each session and adjust it.
  10. Write 1-page case studies – the purpose, the achievement, what worked well and what didn’t work well. Each case study is nothing but you can bring it to other projects and help people in that project to avoid the mistakes you made.
  11. Identify technology your team will use for communication, collaboration, and technical purposes.
  12. Organize a retrospective meeting to unlock improvement.
  13. Inspire and train your team to have a growth mindset – make your team think differently.
  14. Engage and interact with your team members as much as possible.

These are what I learned at the meetup event. There are also many new things but I’m not sure I understand them well enough to share to you. Therefore, I will give you the meetup page of the group and the link of 2 YouTube videos so that you can learn new things from that.

Meetup page: Melbourne Web Meetup

Youtube videos: Design Ethics | Infusing Agility Into The Traditional Mindset

Thank you for reading!

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