My studying progress in the second year – University life

Hi everyone, it’s been a long time since my last post about experience and life. I think I have been focusing too much on technical content. As a result, I decided to publish this content for sharing my second-year experience in university.

1. Units and Results:

In this section, I want to share units, which I took in this year, as well as the results. My GPA for the last semester is 3.75/4.0. However, the GPA for the whole year is a bit lower (around 3.625/4.0). The following units are what I learned this year.

  • Semester 1
    • Computer & Logic Essentials – HD
    • Development Project 1 (Tools and Practices) – HD
    • Object-Oriented Programming  – D
    • Foundations of Statistics – D
  • Semester 2
    • Fundamentals of Data Management – HD
    • Analysis of variance and regression – HD
    • Development Project 2 (Design, Planning and Management) – HD
    • Networks and Switching – D

Not only sharing the results, but I also want to share my feelings for each unit.

  • Computer & Logic Essentials – I feel this unit is the foundation unit for those who are studying the Computer Science degree. This unit helps me learn more about the logic maths behind the computer system and how algorithms are constructed by using different notations.
  • Development Project 1 – I learned how to use tools and different approaches to launch a small project. Also, there are many documents needed to get done in this unit. This helps me improve my professional report writing skills. In this unit, I was in two teams for different types of projects. As a result, I also learned from my teammates who contributes an important impact on the success of the projects.
  • Object-Oriented Programming – I learned how to build a software application using class and object principles using C# as a programming language. The content of this unit is good but it requires to self-learn a lot. Even there is a 2-hours tutorial per week, the tutor was not able to answer all the questions from students. Also, if I were not preparable inefficiently manageable, I would not be able to get a great mark in this unit.
  • Foundations of Statistics –  I learned how to write different types of statistical reports in this unit. Also, it improves my statistical thinking via different hypothesis testing cases. The knowledge in this unit is not too advanced to learn, but it requires you to spend time on understanding it. Also, it supports me to get a better mark in my further studying.
  • Fundamentals of Data Management – I feel this unit is a bit easy for me because I have learned another unit which is quite similar to this. I did request the exempt but the university does not allow me to do that. However, I also learned a few new things in this unit. Especially, I wrote a research report about data synchronization in mobile devices. Also, some contents goes a bit deeper, compared to my prior experience.
  • Analysis of variance and regression – I feel this unit is the higher level of the “Foundation of Statistics” unit. I learned more different hypothesis testing techniques and dug into the analysis of variance. The special thing I learned from this unit is the way how the lecturer explains statistical concepts using visual tools. I was very impressed by the teaching method of the lecturer. As a result, I did not miss any lectures in this unit.
  • Development Project 2 – I learned how to plan and design for a software product in this unit. For pass and credit tasks, it encourages the effort of the team. For distinction and high distinction tasks, however, it encourages students to have a planning mindset for a particular software product. The planning and design techniques using in this unit are more advanced, compared to the “Development Project 1” unit.
  • Networks and Switching – I learned how the computer can communicate with each other via different types of networks. This might be a hard unit for those who do not have a background in networking. However, you should believe that you will be fine if you study hard enough. Also, it explains why people who learned different majors also need to have a foundation knowledge of networking.

2. How did I study to achieve my current GPA?

Not only sharing my results and feelings, but I also want to share the way how to study to achieve my current GPA. There is no doubt that my GPA (3.625) for the whole year is not extremely high, but I am proud of my studying process. The following tips are used to describe how my studying process works.

  • Time management – After tracking my time since this April, I realize that I spend a lot of time in my studying (around 180 hours per month). Since I have to work, I need to have an efficient time schedule to balance my studying and work. As a result, I decide to spend less than on work (around 10 hours per week) as well as volunteering (around 10 hours per week) during each semester so that I could focus more on studying. I tend to schedule my week via Google Calendar so that I am aware of the time when I should do a particular thing. This also helps me to not miss any important meetings during the semester. Many people asked me whether the study program was hard or not. I simply answered them that it was not hard if they managed their time well.
  • Learn as much as you can – I am passionate about innovation, so my learning method is “Learn as much as I can”. I feel the knowledge that is taught in class is not enough to create something that innovates human life. They are basic knowledge that represents the minimum requirements to get a job in a particular industry. As a result, I tend to self-learn the more advanced content via books or the Internet. Also, I usually try to connect things from either the same topic or different topics together to create a component of knowledge that might be helpful. I treat every unit as a great time when I can dig into a field of knowledge. Moreover, I also learn as much as I can in my work. Sometimes, the working knowledge benefits my studying because it helps me easily understand via my prior experience.
  • Help other students – This is one of the important factors that contribute to my studying process. Sharing knowledge to help each other in the same unit is my happiness. I tend to try my best to help students who suffer from the same unit(s). By doing this, I learn more about the knowledge that I share. Moreover, I can improve my communication skills. In my view, complicated concepts are only simplified by a person who understands that well.

Overall, I have a great studying experience this year since I learned many things from different fields of knowledge. Hopefully, I will get a better GPA and help more people next year.

Thank you for reading! Hopefully, you enjoy this post.

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