Tips for online learning

Most of the schools are suspended now due to the effect of Coronavirus. Instead of face-to-face classes, they start making online classes and delivering those for students. As a result, online learning is becoming more popular in most of the countries. In this post, I am going to share a few tips that help your online studying more effective.

1. You should set a plan:

To make your online studying more effective, the first thing to do is that you should set a plan for your studying. One of the characteristics of face-to-face classes is that your instructors/convenors are people who set a plan for your units, and you are a person who executes the plan to match the goal. Therefore, you might feel everything is under your control. However, when it comes to online learning, you have more freedom about your time, and thus, you need to set a plan which is corresponding to the unit’s plan for your studying. This makes you feel more responsible for your studying. If you do not set a plan for your studying, you might sometimes feel lost beyond tons of knowledge delivered by online classes. Thus, setting a plan is extremely important.

How to set a plan? The plan depends on your learning type and your units. Here, I will share the way I do that and you might need to custom it. For each week, I tend to specify the number of hours that I need to spend on watching online classes. Then, I summarise the content for each unit before watching those videos so that I have a clear image of what should be noted. After watching all the videos, I tend to set timeframes for my self-learning sessions. Then, I specify tasks that should be done for a particular unit by the end of each session. Finally, I follow my plan and execute it. By doing this, I mostly feel that I am under control of my studying.

2. How to stay focused during your online learning session?

Online learning requires lots of responsibility from the learner. However, people tend to be more disturbed by other things when they are alone than when they are in class. Therefore, you will need to be more responsible for your studying if you want your online studying sessions to be more effective. I have a few personal tips for staying focused when studying. Firstly, I set a time for my studying and ask people around me not to disturb me during this time. Then, I turn off the notification sound and turn on the “Do not disturb” mode for my devices.  Then, I restrict myself not to access social media sites on the web browser during the learning session. Of course, during the session, there might be a few that come to your mind, and you really want to do that. To avoid that, you should note down those things on the paper and leave it until you finish your learning session. By doing this, you can focus on your studying and are still able to remember what you want to do during the learning session.

3. How to stop procrastinating?

As I mentioned above, you have more freedom in your time when classes are delivered online. However, being procrastinated is the drawback of that. You plan to study today but something happens and you move the plan to another day. Imagine that you need to do a stack of things in one day, you might feel really stressful and lost your motivation. Therefore, procrastination is the thing that you need to avoid to improve the effectiveness of your studying. How can you do that? If you set a plan for a specific day, it will be great for getting it done on that day. However, if something accidentally happens, you will still need to get part of the plan done on that day and the remaining for another day. This helps you reduce tasks that you need to get done in one day. As a result, you will be less stressful and easily control your studying.

4. Being active:

Online learning requires you to be more active in your studying. You should ask many questions as possible or even help other fellow students to address their questions. This makes you feel you are a part of the community. Therefore, you are not alone when you need help, and you learn more from other people. Like playing games or doing other activities, you will feel more motivated and excited when communicating with others about a particular topic. As a result, being active is an important factor that you should have during this online learning period.

Thank you for reading.

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