Tips for online learning

Most of the schools are suspended now due to the effect of Coronavirus. Instead of face-to-face classes, they start making online classes and delivering those for students. As a result, online learning is becoming more popular in most of the countries. In this post, I am going to share a few tips that help your online studying more effective.

The importance of setting purposes for doing things

"What is the good reason for doing this?" - this is the question that I always ask myself before doing or trying something. For me, nothing exists without a purpose. So, I think you should ask yourself this question as well. This is because I see many people work hard on something for a long time, and they forgot the initial purpose for doing that. This leads to unhappiness and regret. Therefore, I am going to use my story of how I learned to code to let you know the importance of asking this question.

My goals in 2020

I have set my goals in 2020 and I want to share some of them to my social networks. By doing this, I want to know how my social networks impact on my goals. Also, I want to see how I can help them achieve their goals in 2020.

Distance measures – Statistics and Python

Nowadays, we can vectorize everything such as numbers, words, sentences, etc. Why do we need to vectorize everything? We want to make everything countable and measurable so that we can apply many complicated statistical algorithms for it. That is why vectorization is one of the most important things in feature engineering. However, we do not discuss further those concepts in this notebook. Instead of that, this notebook shows how we calculate the distance between two vectors/observations by using different distance techniques.